May all who come as guests leave as friends.

Out of the Box (OOTB), our trademark event has been a staple for La Marzocco. First appearing over a decade ago, it has spanned over a decade through every continent and in every major city. Now, it is set to take over Europe, opening up the summer season with a celebration of our coffee community.

When? Friday, June 28th, from 2.30 p.m onwards (and well into the evening, as that summer sun sets late)

Where? Prags Boulevard 49b, 2300, Copenhagen, the Rrebel Denmark showroom.

Who’s invited? Coffee enthusiasts and pros, baristas, roasters, coffee shop owners, and anyone wanting to enjoy time with friends. (Free registration to OOTB is mandatory.)


What’s in-store?

We’ve invited industry opinion leaders, brands that elevate the coffee game, and roasters that have excelled in creating wow-worthy coffee. We’ve mixed that in with our most innovative products, food, and good times.

Panel Discussions

Hear dynamic and engaging coffee themes where special guests explore ideas and perspectives in the coffee industry.

The History of Nordic coffee (14.30 p.m- 15.15 p.m.)

Discover the unique, bright flavors of high-quality single-origin coffee beans synonyms with the syle from the industry leaders that paved its way.


Tim Wendelboe, among Scandinavia’s many distinguished coffee professionals, is one man who stands out for his contribution to the region’s ascendance on the world stage. Rising the ranks from humble barista to barista champion, roaster, café entrepreneur, green coffee trader, and even coffee farmer, Tim Wendelboe has worn more hats than most in the business of coffee.

His business, Tim Wendelboe, is a roastery, espresso bar, and coffee training center. Known for light-roasted coffees and consistent quality. They roast to order every week and ship coffees to home enthusiasts, offices, restaurants, and coffee shops all over the world.

Klaus Thomsen started as a barista in London in 2001 and has since become deeply involved in coffee. In 2006, he became the World Barista Champion and then went on to co-found the Coffee Collective with Peter Dupont and Casper Engel Rasmussen.

The Coffee Collective is a micro-roastery with eight coffee shops.
Setting the bar high for transparency and payments directly to farmers. They’ve gained recognition from the beginning for their transparent and light roasting profiles and clean flavors. Coffee Collective is also a Certified B Corporation with sustainability and quality at its core, putting purpose over profit. Klaus is Chairman of the Board, co-owner, and responsible for the coffee shop quality at the Coffee Collective.

Anne Lunell is the co-founder and visionary behind Koppi. At the roastery, she is in charge of green buying and quality control and acts as the company’s creative force.

Koppi was founded in 2007 by herself and Charles Nystrand. What started out as a coffee bar with an in-store roaster in the heart of Helsingborg in 2007 evolved to solely focusing on roasting at our new headquarters in an old industrial building in 2016. Ever since the start, the goal has been the same—to work with skilled and dedicated coffee producers around the world and share their coffee with wholesale partners, roastery visitors, web shop customers, and subscribers.

Their ambition is to work long-term with our partners, increase the value for the producers at the farm level, and share hard work and dedication with clients around the world.


Patrik Rolf is the founder of April Coffee Roaster and a Silver Medalist in the 2019 World Brewers Cup in Boston. He was also a finalist in the World Barista Championship 2022, making him one of the few professionals in the world to have reached the finals of both competitions.

He has extensive experience consulting other coffee brands on all things coffee and business. The consultancy process has been a way for him to give back to the industry, and he does this alongside his role as CEO and Roast Master in April. As always, his goal is to grow together with others.

sustainability with coffee buyers with a focus on the consenso project (15.30 p.m- 16.30 p.m.)


Dr. S. Amanda Caudill, an agroecologist and research scientist at Falcon Coffees, has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade. She is interested in sustainable agriculture to provide wildlife habitat, foster ecosystem services, and conserve biodiversity while simultaneously providing for human livelihoods.

She has led research studies in India, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru coffee-growing regions. Dr. Caudill completed her postdoctoral research with the Bird Friendly coffee program at the Smithsonian Institution and taught coffee, agroecology, and food systems classes at Columbia University.

Dr. Caudill continually seeks to build bridges between academia and industry and collaborates with various actors across the coffee value chain. She is currently leading the Carbon Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP), a collaboration between the University of Brighton and Falcon Coffees to identify and implement methodologies for measuring and mitigating carbon emissions in the coffee supply chain.

Cesar Magaña, Coffee quality control expert and coffee producer, has been working for Belco since 2017; he has seen the implementation of different changes in which decarbonization, optimization of natural resources, and continuous improvement in accompaniment to producers have been a primary focus of his work at Belco. Cesar is currently working as a pilot in Belco, applying his learning in coffee projects and adapting them to cacao.

Ian Fretheim of Cafè Imports has been the Director of Sensory Analysis at Cafe Imports for 13 years. He holds a certificate in sensory and consumer science from UC Davis and has studied wine assessment with the International Sommelier’s Guild.

Pedro Luis Manga of Caravela Coffee has dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology, and a Master’s in Environmental Sciences, Pedro specializes in designing environmental and social impact assessment methodologies. He has experience developing learning programs that encourage the responsible use of natural resources. As the Sustainability, Prosperity & Impact Leader for Caravela Coffee, Pedro integrates comprehensive impact assessments within Latin American coffee communities, crafting communication and reporting strategies to inspire stakeholders throughout the coffee supply chain. His work fosters sustainable practices and highlights their value in the global specialty coffee industry.

Massimo Battaglia is Coffee Research Leader, Accademia del Caffè Espresso. As a tropical agronomist with over 20 years of experience in coffee-originating countries.

Specialized in training and technology transfer, in research activities in temperate, subtropical, and tropical horticulture and fruit cultivation, in defining good practices and quality production guidelines, he has worked for years as a consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union on projects in Algeria, Cape Verde, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, India, Ecuador, Colombia, Vietnam.

At Accademia, Massimo Battaglia oversees research projects in coffee-producing countries. He is also the reference person for all projects developed with associations and partners at origins and institutions and universities at national and international levels. Besides, he’s the curator of Accademia’s exhibit project, “Coffee Migrant Migrant Coffee.”

ConSenso is a remote monitoring project that checks the health state of coffee plants in Tanzania. Thanks to the information tracked by 24 lymph sensors, 30 humidity sensors, and a meteo station, we know how plants truly feel and what they really need. This allows us to adapt agricultural practices, irrigations, and treatments to the real needs of plants, thus optimizing water and resources. It uses PNAT Projects IoT sensors and CISCO connectivity to check the health state of coffee plants at the Utengul Coffee Farm.

coffee pairings (17.00 p.m- 17.45 p.m.)

In the HoReCo world, customers have become sophisticated about great service and experience, especially when it comes to great coffee. We dive into the dynamic coffee market in the restaurant, bistro, bakery, and bar scene. 

With.. Frederik Bille Brahe of Apollo Bar, Geoffrey Canilao of Balderdash, and Riccardo Marcon of Barabba.


(Sign-up is mandatory for each slot below, available directly on the OOTB Eventbrite registration link)

Tea Evaluation Workshop: Experience an immersive journey into the world of tea (15:00 p.m.- 15:30 p.m., 15:45 p.m.-16:15 p.m., 16:30 p.m.-17:00 p.m., 17:15 p.m.-17:45 p.m.)

Experience an immersive journey into the world of tea with the European Specialty Tea Association‘s professional tea evaluation workshop. Embark on a sensory voyage as you sample some of the globe’s most exquisite teas, spanning the spectrum from delicate white to robust black, including green, yellow, oolong, and dark teas. Gain profound insights into the world of specialty tea and refine your palate.

This workshop will be held by international tea judge and tea educator Alexis Kaae and tea sommelier Benedicte Funck Christensen.

High-End Robusta Degustation by the Accademia del Caffè Espresso (15:15 p.m. – 15:45 p.m.)

Discover how fermentation improves the cup profile through three courses based on high-end Robusta, celebrating this species unexpectedly: espresso, milk beverage, and filter coffee.

Caffeine by the Accademia del Caffè Espresso (16:00 p.m. – 16:30 p.m.) 

Come with us on a sensory journey through the different elements of a coffee plant and learn about its caffeine content.

The Perfect Moka by the accademia del caffè espresso (16:45 p.m. – 17:15 p.m.)

Learn how to prepare the perfect moka at home and experience the flavors of the encounter of a traditional brewing method and contemporary coffee.

Espresso Tasting by the accademia del caffè espresso (17:30 p.m. – 18:00 p.m.)

We will be serving three espressos served alongside a complementary food item to underline and create a harmonious combination that enhances the overall sensory sensation.


Get in the action and show us your skills!

beyond the bean Espresso Martini challenge with bigface coffee (18.30 p.m.)

Have you got what it takes to take the title of Out The Box Dusk Till Dawn Champion?!

The Beyond the Bean team with BIGFACE Coffee will be kicking off the evening festivities,

Are you the fastest shaker and stirrer? Can you make the meanest espresso martini in Copenhagen?

Register now or at the Beyond the Bean stand at World of Coffee, or before 5pm at Out The Box to be in with a chance of competing on the night and taking the title – and the prizes!

Wally Milk x Oatly, the alternative latte art competition (14:30 p.m. -18:00 p.m.)

Think you’ve got the best pouring skills? Put it to a public vote! Pass by the Wally Milk x Oatly station and put your pour into the competition.

& More

We’ve partnered with more brands and have great coffee for you to try on our entire product range. 

The True Artisan cafè

One thing is for sure, the coffee at OOTB will be spectacular, from a variety of top Nordic roasters and international brands, a fleek of Swan Grinder and each area around the event will have coffee from April, Koppi, Omni, Cornerstone, Morgon Coffee Roasters, DYADE, Longora Kaffebreenneri, Kaffi, Jacu, Lill Oslo Kaffeebrenneri, Spinchy, Prolog, Hip Hop, BIGFACE, Coffee Collective, Bergen Kaffebrennerimm and more!

Ride for a Good Cause with Specialized

During the day, you can make a donation at your discretion for a token for your chance to contribute to the Hands for Songwa foundation, based in Tanzania, where La Marzocco has been co-managing a coffee plantation since 2007 and supporting the local community with social responsibility projects.

With this special token, you will have the opportunity to ride around town on a Specialized bike, have a “Caffè Sospeso” redeemable for a shot of espresso at Copenhagen’s most epic coffee shops (selected cafès and locations), and make an impact at Origin.

accademia del caffè espresso metaverse

Still haven’t had a chance to visit the Accademia del Caffè Espresso in Florence, Italy? Journey into the Metaverse and see the space directly from the event.

Looking to explore new coffee shops while traveling? Download the COMYU App.

We’ve partnered with Sekkei, who provided beautiful eco-friendly furniture around the event. 

As the evening sun sets, have a bite and cheer with us as we dance the evening away.
Whether you’re a specialty coffee professional or just starting out, Out of the Box will leave you with lasting friends and memories. We can’t wait to see you there!