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Three leading manufacturers in the specialty coffee market – La Marzocco, Mahlkönig and Probat – came together in 2007 and established Songwa Estates, a non-profit endeavor aimed at:

  • educating staff, clients and all those who work in the coffee sector on the numerous intricacies involved in growing, harvesting and processing green coffee
  • providing support to the local community whose livelihoods depend on coffee, financed in part by the project “Hands for Songwa”

our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The three-day in-depth educational program covers each step in the process of growing coffee: from planting, harvesting and processing to the exportation of green coffee, from coffee theory to hands-on activities and training on the farm.

Thomas Plattner, Agronomist and coffee expert with over 25 years of experience, manages the class.

The open and continuous dialogue between the partners and the surrounding community since 2011 has led to the reconstruction of two school buildings, the furnishing of 4 classrooms and the completion of sanitary facilities at the Muvwa Primary School which hosts over 300 school children.

Many of their parents work seasonally on the farm. Prior to intervention on behalf of the Songwa partners, there was no water or toilets on the premises (similar to the homes nearby) and the dark classrooms had dirt floors.

The Songwa Farm, which respects the Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh standards, is situated about 900 kilometers from Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam and expands over a total area of 59 hectares: 25 hectares are presently being used for the cultivation of coffee, with an additional 8 hectares of land available for expansion.

The area is approximately 1450 meters above sea level and heralds Bourbon beans on plants that are up to 80 years old.

green coffee

Beginning in January 2017, the green coffee brand, Songwa Estates, is available for purchase on the international market. The coffee is fully washed in the bourbon variety and is available in both AA and PB selections.

The 100% Arabica coffee grows on Songwa Estates at approximately 1450 above sea level. The soil is rich in minerals and nutrients deriving from volcanic eruptions and hot springs dating back over 1 million years. The local climate is ideal with warm summers, cool winters and seasonal rains. The farm uses traditional East African methods of producing green coffee. After pulping, washing and natural fermentation, it is sun-dried for up to 12 days.

It has a smooth flavour, medium to full body, stone fruit acidity and an excellent fragrance. It is rich in texture and has a dark chocolate finish. It can be roasted at different degrees for filter, press or espresso brewing, but in light of its depth is likely best appreciated as an espresso.

The Songwa Estates green coffee brand is available for purchase through the specialty green coffee importer, InterAmerican Coffee GmbH, Hamburg. For additional information please contact InterAmerican Coffee, Mirella Cielek,

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