In an increasingly fast world, there is a bakery in Milan that wants to slow down and offer a different product, made with love and high- quality ingredients. From bread to biscuits to coffee, this is the story of Aurora, a girl who gave her own meaning to food par excellence: bread.

The etymology of the word bread leads back to the Sanskrit root pa- ie, meaning drink or more generally feed. Bread is nourishment, it is home, it is an essential food that persists in everything that surrounds us: as an icon in religion, a socio-cultural element, and an undisputed protagonist in many art forms of yesterday and today.
Perhaps that’s why Aurora, owner of Le Polveri, wanted to dedicate herself to this passion, but with a big difference compared to many other bakeries. Giving attention and care to the product, striving for quality and innovation.

Ever changing, trying to give spirit to every grain of sifted wheat, to every dough that rests under the canvas, to each biscuit baked.

This is how the micro-bakery Le Polveri was born, in via Ausonio in Milan. A place that reflects all the love of those who live there, and that has deliberately reversed the paradigm of the classic bakery. Here is a new product, and a new concept: along with the most varied types of bread and biscuits, customers can make a coffee themselves on Aurora’s white Linea Mini, free of charge. A breakfast made for the soul rather than for the body. Among the scent of savory focaccia and brioche bread, one gets lost for a minute in a maze of perfumes and emotions.

In a time when one follows, and routine are the masters of an increasingly sterile and detached society. There is a place where you can give yourself a break, with a pumpkin seed bread, a ginger biscuit and a steaming hot espresso.

Video Le Polveri, a project by Luma

Credit: Michael Gardenia – Fusillo Lab