Familiar Charm: an At-Home Version of Anthony Douglas’ 2022 WBC Signature Drink

A simplified version of Anthony Douglas’ 2022 World Barista Championship-Winning Signature Drink


Exploring how to make a delicious and refreshing espresso-based signature drink at home is one thing. Exploring the recipe with the help of the 2022 World Barista Champ? That’s another. Anthony Douglas joined us in Italy and shared a modified—and simplified—version of his signature drink from the 2022 World Barista Championship. We’re calling it “The Familiar Charm”, and at it’s base, it’s an espresso old fashioned that you can tweak and adapt however you want. This drink it offers a perfect balance of flavors—from bold, fruity espresso to sweet honey, tangy passionfruit juice, and a refreshing finish of cold-brewed hibiscus tea.

The Ingredients

  • 2 double shots of espresso
  • 5g Honey
  • 5g Passionfruit juice
  • 5g cold-brewed hibiscus tea
  • 7g date reduction (optional)

The Recipe

Start with a natural Ethiopian coffee, but feel free to use any coffee you like as this recipe is quite versatile. Extract two double espressos using a dose of 19 grams in the portafilter and extract 40 grams into the cup. Don’t worry about tailoring the extraction for this drink; it will work well either way.

To make the drink, add the double espresso shots to a pitcher. Next, add five grams of diluted honey and five grams of passion fruit juice, which will bring natural sweetness and fruity flavors to the coffee. You can adjust the amount of honey and passion fruit to your liking.

For added richness, add seven grams of date reduction to the mix. You can also add a bit of brown sugar if you prefer. Finally, add five grams of cold brewed hibiscus tea to the pitcher. This will provide the drink with wine-like qualities and complex tannins that round out the finish.

Mix all the ingredients together and you’re ready to serve!

This recipe can be scaled up or down depending on the number of guests you’re serving. So next time you want to impress your guests with a unique and delicious coffee drink, or just treat yourself at home, try making Anthony Douglas’s simplified signature drink.

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