Coffee Encounters aims to show a mix of contents around the company’s history, machines and world of coffee, together with live demos, delicious recipes and much more. All of this while showcasing the beautiful spaces of La Marzocco’s Accademia Del Caffè Espresso, an innovative and inclusive cultural center rising amongst the beautiful foothills near Florence.

On top of this you will be watching interviews from industry representatives, listening to backstage stories, hearing the voices – and learning tips and fun facts – from skilled craftsmen and talented professionals from within the Tuscan facilities as well as from La Marzocco partners and offices around the world.

Whether you are a coffee “geek” or a coffee enthusiast, whether you love artisanship or are just interested in the processes behind what’s “handmade”, whether you love espresso or prefer a different kind of brew, you will find that Coffee Encounters is cut out just for you.

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Illustrations by Pennika